Thursday, December 13, 2007

Eaton Park efforts

10 x 1 min / 1 min around Eaton Park. Andy, Anita and Lorraine did 12 or 13, but I'd had enough. Cold and dreary, but as always, glad I went out. I do feel quite tired and slow at the moment, but that's not going to change unless I get out there.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hard going

Earlham Rd - Waterworks Road - Drayton Rd - Grapes Hill - Avenues: just over 6 miles, 58:40 by Lorraine's watch. Tough going all the way :(

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tri-anglia 10k #2

A repeat of last time's triumph would have been nice, but I added 5 minutes (!!) on to my time. The riverside parts of the route were sticky/slippery with mud and it just wasn't worth breaking/spraining something or drowning! 58:22. Still glad I got out for a run though.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Quick swim

Could just about squeeze 30 minutes in, so I spent the time concentrating on a "proper" arm stroke - quite a difference, having a spacious, calm Sportspark lane to myself, compared to Wednesday! It's making a lot more sense now, although I still have to concentrate on each stroke (and, occasionally, remember to breathe) but it feels strong so I'm much more encouraged now.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Guardian Road hills

15 mins each way out and back, then 4 reps each of Winchcomb, Wheatley and Guardian Roads. Because I'm slow, I only did 3 reps on the last one. The fact it was raining may have had something to do with it too... good session though. And I wore thin socks (1000 Mile Tri) and my feet didn't hurt!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Swimming was going reasonably well - apart from the pool temperature (32C - should have brought a rubber duck and some bubble bath) - until Kerry informed me that my arm stroke is all wrong. I keep my arm straight on the pull, and I should be bending it so that I can exert more force all the way through (a straight arm is not pulling much after 90 degrees). So I tried... wow. It's so difficult to unlearn something that is completely habitual, and I was swimming like a snail (can snails swim?) trying to get to grips with it. Nothing else for it but a practice at the SportsPark on Friday. Tonight's session was:

400m warm up
50m of 6 x L arm, 6 x R arm, 6/remainder x full stroke
50m kick
Repeat x 4; 20s rest after each 50

25m "normal"
25m "fast"
25m "faster"
25m recovery
Repeat x 4; 40s rest after each 100

cool down

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Crap run

Out with the back of the Tuesday group, another Dereham Road route, this time with the added delights of Bowthorpe. Between my shoes giving me grief and Marie's new orthotics, plus the need for a loo stop at the pub at the Norwich Road junction, we both had a rubbish run. For me, it was an effort all the way, and after we started walking (Bowthorpe Rd/Guardian Rd) we didn't really run again. And I got cramp in my calves while walking. My new shoes are ladies', while the last pairs have been men's (all Saucony Triumphs and size 8 though), and I could feel them a bit tight around the side of my foot above the arch, mostly on the inside of the right foot. Hopefully it can be cured by swapping the thick socks I had on tonight for some thinner ones - if not I wasted £80 :(

Monday, December 3, 2007

Back to it this week... really...

4 miles ish with the improvers, a Dereham Road route. A few vocal chavs out, ignoring them seemed to work though. Not sure my new shoes are 100% - hopefully they will break in well, and soon.

This week I'm going to get back into the old routine:

Mon - short run
Tue - longer run
Wed - swim
Thu - efforts
Fri - swim or gym
Sat - working at FD
Sun - Tri-Anglia 10k

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Excuses, excuses

Tuesday - no long run, recovering from Hereward.
Wednesday - no swim, clearing the lounge for electrical work on Friday.
Thursday - too busy at work to run at lunchtime; gave blood in evening.
Friday - too busy/knackered to run at work.
Sat & Sun - helping with the Half Marathon. But I did buy some new shoes...

The colour is listed as "white/frosted almond" - hmmm.
Sadly there was no choice! Still, they'll be "grey/mud" before long.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Begginers' "graduation"

Aim: 30 mins or 3 miles non-stop. We did this route around South Park and Christchurch; I ran at the back with (a different) Hannah, coming back from a nasty chest infection so she had to walk a bit but she still did really well. Good luck to her for the Race for Each 5k at the weekend.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Onward and Hereward

Hereward Relay: leg 2, Whittlesey to March, 11.6 miles, 1:46:45, 9:12 per mile. Tough going underfoot in places, lots of mud and rough ground, although some good stretches of road in the middle. I'd probably do it again now I know what to expect!

Stage 2 results (118th of 127)
Overall (last, but someone's got to be!)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Posh tea and a bike ride

Out to the old stomping ground, Hingham, with Marie and Kate and Clare, where we splashed out on tea in Lincoln's cafe instead of a 50p cake from the bakery. Yum!

Out: 17 miles, 1:14, 13.6 mph
Back: 14.5 miles, 0:56, 15.6 mph

Faster on the way back thanks to (a) being warmed up, (b) consuming cake, or (c) wanting to get home before it rained any more?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Such an effort

Over to Eaton (too close to home) for hill efforts tonight, 3 on the start of Ebbisham Drive, and another 6 on Buckland Rise. The running wasn't too bad, but the squealing of someone's ultrasonic pest repellent was pretty grim.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Not bad, not exactly swimming like a fish, but getting better. No cramp, just a little tiny twinge.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Repeat of an old route, more or less - Hellesdon and the Boundary. A slight variation took it to just over 8 miles, run in 1:13, so 9:07/mile as opposed to 9:44.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Tri-Anglia club 10k - 53:34. 53:34! Spookily equivalent to 8:42/mile. Totally surprising as I felt tired and leaden, and there was a cold wind (blowing from the sewage works, yummy). I was so light headed when I finished that I didn't see Mark at the finish! Yet I had not gone flat out because I thought I was having a mediocre run and there wasn't much point... live and learn. Evidently having a few days off was worthwhile!

(Amusing that the Google Maps imagery makes it look like we crossed half of the A47 and ran down the central reservation of the Postwick Viaduct before jaywalking (running?) back across and jumping off the bridge... there is a path underneath, honest!)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stuffed up again

No swimming tonight as I feel like the head cold's come back and it's just not fun :(

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Carrow Hill

Joined Hannah and Sally for a "slowish" "shortish" run which turned out to be 7.7 miles in the (sometimes) pouring rain, including the delights of Carrow Hill, which I have never done before and thought I might not live to do again. And we did the whole thing in 1:07, making 8:42 min miles on average (8:34 to Bishop Bridge...). Holy crap.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Short steady run

Accompanying some newer runners moving up from the beginners' group, just around Earlham, Christchurch, Newmarket and back to the Avenues. 4.1 miles, about 45 mins.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mini bike

I passed on the VC Norwich ride to take Mark out on the bike. Original plan was Wymondham, cut down to Whitlingham, probably a good idea as we got wet going out (sheltered under the A146 bridge) and it rained again after we got back. So, not even 9 miles. And we ate cake. Oh well :)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Perfect 10

5 miles with Marie and Kate, then another five with just Marie - total route. 1:38 for dead on 10 miles, which is not too bad. I don't think I'll get a longer run in before the Hereward, but that's OK.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Waving or drowning?

Just about over the cold, so headed back to the pool tonight. 16 swimmers in the pool tonight, so very choppy. Several facefuls that made me stop and get my breath. I'm trying not to lift my head so much when breathing but it's hard in that pool - especially in the end lane where the waves come right back at you off the side wall. Still, Kerry reckons I'm getting there - just need the stamina to keep my stroke together when I get tired.

No cramp!! No idea why! Darn.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Staying at Stiffkey, a nice steady long run along the coast path (core stability a go go) with Lorraine, to Blakeney and back. Exactly the same time for both out and back, so we are nothing if not consistent (and muddy).

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Last gasp

Felt a bit crap, sore throat, but figured it was just from teaching all afternoon, so I went for a little run with Hannah. Little did I know it was a cold coming on. Bah. No more running for me for the moment.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Plan for the week

Somehow, writing it down makes me stick to it...

Monday - meal out (eve), so try to get a short run in during the day
Tuesday - club run
Wednesday - swim
Thursday - WYC meeting in the evening; try to get some lunchtime speedwork in
Friday - swim on campus early
Saturday - run on coast path
Sunday - run on coast path

Some catching up to do...

Not such a great week, this week... having a visitor at work has meant I've been a bit less flexible during the day.

Monday - beer fest.
Tuesday - wussed out of running as it was bloody freezing and I didn't have winter kit (that's what you get for being organised and bringing your kit in a day early).
Wednesday - had an OK swim but had the new experience of cramp in both legs at the same time and nearly sank without trace.
Thursday - missed efforts due to a meal out, but did a decent short run via Eaton Park and Greenways with Lorraine; 4.3 miles in 39 mins, i.e. 9 min miling (but it felt tougher than that!).
Friday - nothing.
Saturday - tank driving all day.
Sunday - biked to Whitlingham for a 10k and waited at the wrong place for the start (d'oh), so gave up on that and just hung out waiting for them to finish, then while Kraig kindy took my bike home, I ran around the lake and home - 5.6miles in just under 50 mins, i.e. 8:50 per mile on average. (The same pace would have given me just under 54 mins for the 10k.) Given that I'd been standing around at the outdoor centre for ages and wasn't warmed up, that was OK. The fact that it was raining too, and there was a headwind, was about all I deserved for my own stupidity!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Clare, Marie and Kate have been going out on a Sunday with VC Norwich for the past couple of weeks, so I joined them this week. Yet another glorious autumn day, cold and clear, and a route out to Larling and back totalling 53 miles - plus the 3 to get to the start point in Norwich. The main route took 3:11, plus a stop for tea and cake at the garden centre in Larling (next to the new distillery!) - average 16.6mph. Riding in a large group was definitely very different, with the spacing a bit hair-raising at times, but there's no doubt you can go faster with more people around you. Great fun - I'll miss the next couple but will definitely try and get out again if the weather holds.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday long run

Just short of 10 miles, out to Whitlingham and back (but not around the Broad). Marie had to walk back from the edge of Lakenham, but told me to go on; I "added on" Long John Hill and the ring road instead of Mansfield and Sandy Lane, but there's not really much in it. Running time was 1:31, giving 9:17/mile. It took me until Trowse to really feel warmed up and into the rhythm of it, but after that it was fine. Another lovely morning to be out, too.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Speed session in the pool

A bit of a mixed, slightly directionless (but fun!) pool session, incorporating bits from this week's Wednesday set, but also a set of single 25m lengths at "full speed". I found I suddenly "had hold of" the water, and could just get my head down and go. Timing wasn't very scientific, as I had to pop my head out and look at the clock after I finished each length, but I was consistent at about 26-27 seconds for several lengths (30 secs rest in between though). Now I just need to harness that strength and technique in a longer set!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


This was actually my first winter speed session - a 5-mile loop around Bowthorpe (delightful) with 6 mixed length efforts between lamp posts, and a warm up / cool down. 48 minutes for the lot!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Excellent swim

No cramp tonight! OK, so maybe that's the main reason it was excellent, but it also just felt very good. I did one set of 150m with the pull buoy, which might have helped avert calf cramp by reducing kicking, and also had a damn good stretch at the start and in the rests.

Was good to do a few drills - nothing like trying to swim with one arm to make your next length of full-stroke feel like flying :)

300m warm up
6 x 150m, 30 secs rest
3 x (50m kick, 25m f/c, 50m drill, 25m f/c) - drills of side kick, one arm, and 3/4 catchup

then supposed to be 3 x 200m and cool down but I didn't get that far!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wet, wet, wetter...

Absolutely soaked tonight. Seven and a half miles of puddle-strewn pavements and splashing traffic. Felt kinda good though :) Time of 1:12 = 9:36/mile. A good easy run.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Stuck on a train

No beginners tonight for me as I was heading back from London... Mark went though!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

To Thetford, at last!

Sunday dawned a bit misty, and, as far as I was concerned, a bit late. Stupidly I had thought I would set off at 7am to give me 2-2.5 hrs to make it to Effie and Karl's, however sunrise being about 7:30 meant I was either (a) unavoidably delayed or (b) able to enjoy half an hour's lie in, depending on your point of view.

Anyway, I was on the road at 7:31, saw the sun rise as a watery orange sphere while I was crossing Roundhouse Way, and then it largely disappeared behind some cloudy misty stuff for the next ten miles or so, except to send rays through the woods at Hargham Heath, picking out the deer and squirrels. By Quidenham there was a break in the clouds and from then on it was really rather nice.

Quidenham saw a sudden glut of old cars - must have been a rally somewhere - and my highest speed on the trip, 29.8mph (so close!!) on a good downhill. That made up for being stopped by a train at the only level crossing on the route (Eccles Road)... The only other notable things were that Brettenham was a bit stinky (thanks to a huge manure heap, which also meant there were plenty of flies pinging off my glasses) and Kilverstone also smelled, but of fresh coriander.

I drew up at Effie and Karl's, after 30.9 miles, in 1:53, average 16.2mph. Not bad - certainly tiring and not quite as flowing as other rides, but it's the first serious bike ride in over a month, and with having run yesterday I think that's OK.

Eaton - Hethersett - Wymondham - Besthorpe - Attleborough - Hargham - Eccles Road - Quidenham - East Harling - Bridgham - Brettenham - Kilverstone - Thetford

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Going longer

Out with Marie again - after 6.5 miles last week, we upped it to 8 this week, via Intwood, bridlepath and monument, and back via Keswick. We're both aiming for the same goal of 11.6 miles on 25th November, so training together is good. A lovely sunny day to be out today too! The 8 miles felt OK, definitely tired at the end but we'll build up gradually.

Also I started off around the block via Greenways with Mark, on run-2-walk-1 x 5. Walk to the top of the hill, do the session, finish halfway down the lane. Nice warm up :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Rest day...

Should really have gone swimming, but couldn't time it right with work, lunch etc. so took today as a rest day. Did finally get my replacement watch though!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Short run

Around the block via Intwood Road, with Sophie. Just under 40 mins so not bad pace-wise.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Swimming - coming together again

Apart from another (minor) episode of cramp in that annoying inner thigh muscle, which meant a few mins stretching by the poolside, I had a good session, getting the feel for the water again. On the single fast lengths (e.g. 25m on 45 secs), I really feel I'm going somewhere, but there's no way I could keep that up for 16! Also I can still only do 30 secs at best, so I could never go under 8 mins for 400m at the moment. I don't know what technique point I'm missing. I'm thinking it might be seriously worth saving up for a Total Immersion session or some time in an endless pool like Swimshack.

Can't remember the session last night in great detail, apart from 400m @ effort 7-8 (out of 10), which I forgot to time, and 10 x 25m on 45 secs, which was fine (I should move down to 40 next time). I still love doing pull, which proves to me that my legs are more hindrance than help!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Good long run

A sizeable group for a moderate Tuesday run this week, 6 of us went out for just under 8 miles reaching the dizzy heights of Hellesdon and the Boundary. Made a point of starting slowly, and it made all the difference - comfortable all the way. Still had to stop for the loo though :( Out for 1:17 overall which makes an average of 9:44 per mile.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Getting there...

Beginners (including Mark, yay!) were on (2 + 1) x 5 tonight. OK, they ended up doing 7 and a half reps instead - I guess I won't be asked to choose the route again! Stumped for short routes near UEA I plumped for the one we did last week after beginners - last week it was free of kids hanging about, not so this week but there was no real grief. Obviously a touch long - will have to think for next week, although they will be running more then.

For a short, fast run after the session this week, we did the same route yet again! Time approx 17:30, so 8:45 min miles. Felt fast but just about sustainable for that distance. Not much chatting from me though!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Another week!

Birthday rest today :)

This week's plan:

Monday - beginners, quick run after
Tuesday - club run, 6-7 mi
Wednesday - swimming
Thursday - run during day (effort session cancelled for envelope stuffing, but meeting at lunch)
Friday - swim during day
Saturday - run
Sunday - bike

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Six and a half miles with Marie this morning - around UEA and back. Took 1:05 (including a couple of short stops and one chat with someone for a couple of minutes), so ~10 min miles, but I felt much more tired than I should have! Just need to keep plugging away, and I will get back to where I was... I hope...

Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday afternoon freshener

Any excuse to leave my desk... went out for the usual 4 mile round the block with Lorraine and Anita, back in just under 39 mins so not too slow. Good to get some fresh air - the weekend starts now :)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Rest day

Two cramp episodes in two days led me to take today off and go for a curry instead. Much better...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More cramp!

Having a decent swim session, feeling more like a fish and less like a brick, but the annoying inner-thigh cramp struck, leaving me in agony, thankfully in the shallow end. It took several minutes to ease off, at which point I called it a night, too scared that it might return while I was in deeper water. Still, I was just glad to have got back in the pool.

I had to chuckle when stand-in coach Josh (I think) asked me whether I knew I rolled my hips a lot while swimming. The answer, that I'd been working on doing just that (a la Total Immersion) for a while now, fazed him a bit. Trying to swim dead flat was just weird, so I went back to rolling!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Could be worse

Okay, so my idea of short and slow didn't necessarily tally with everyone else's - had an OK run, marred by some cramp twinges (unusual for running) which meant I finished extremely slowly as every slight pointing of my toes (like springing off a kerb) resulted in a twinge and a stumble. But I was really pleased to cover the distance, and it looks like I might not be in quite as bad shape as I thought.

We did about 7.5 miles, out to Lakenham and back via the city and the Avenues. No idea of the time, being watchless still, but the initial pace was good (someone wondered out loud if we had a Kenyan pacemaker while we were cruising down Marston Lane), only slowed by me later on as I got a bit out of breath and then needed a loo stop (pubs are wonderful things). I started out with the rearmost pack, but lost them around Eaton and ran the rest with Granville and Marie, until the cramps got me on the Avenues.

Next time, more stretching and a gentler start!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Baby steps

A mile with the new beginners (no Mark), on 10 x 1 min run, 1 min walk, although I think my two at the back only did eight reps (struggling a bit). My watch is on its way back to Wiggle for a replacement (light not working) so it was a bit of guesswork towards the end when the others had headed off.

Finished with a quick 2 miles round the block with Sally, Hannah and Richard. Didn't feel as bad as I thought I might (hot, a bit breathless, and I got a stitch, but otherwise fine), so I'm hoping for a slow 6 miles or so tomorrow.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Aquathlon DNF

I suppose it was asking too much to come back after 3 weeks out of any sort of training (part incompetence at taking the right kit away with me, part laziness and part having a cold) and do a 300m / 2400m aquathlon. I withdrew after 6 lengths, never having got remotely comfortable in the water, feeling extremely breathless and very annoyed (at myself). I still feel shaky. (I'm now sitting in the office killing time until I can retrieve my unused kit from transition and slink home.) Should have gone for a bike ride - it's a lovely day.

Ho hum. Back on the horse, as it were. I've signed up to be part of a Tri-Anglia team for the Hereward Relay and I've got the long stage, 11.6 miles. Since all the November half marathons I was thinking about are already full, that will do instead. (Edit - I'm actually more motivated about that than I sound above! :) So, I shall start getting back into it:

Monday - beginners. Hoping to get Mark along...
Tuesday - club run, but something short and slow
Wednesday - I definitely need to swim - I guess it can't be any worse than today!
Thursday - efforts - take it a bit easy though
Friday - swim or gym
Saturday or Sunday - bike

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The big day!

The big day dawned bright and early, but I was already on the road by then ;) Aiming to arrive for 7am (like the other nervous first timers) meant leaving home about 6:15am (ouch), with the sun yet to creep over the horizon. Still, the early start was worth it for a good spot in the transition zone and plenty of time to get changed and chill out.

Warming up in the very shallow kiddie pool was interesting (avoiding grazed knees and bruised toes), but was definitely worthwhile. (Kate and I would have liked to have incorporate the flume for a flying start, but somehow that's not in the rules - spoilsports.) Running on adrenalin and a warm up got me an 8:46 for the swim - given that my previous best was about 9:30 I don't know where else that came from. Annoyingly one of the eyepieces on my goggles slipped and filled with water when I pushed off (too enthusiastic...), and I swam the first 3 lengths with one eye shut before coming to my senses and pausing to sort it out (much better).

Thanks to all Kerry's advice on Wednesday I was able to set up my stuff for the minimum of fuss in transition, and I was close to Kate and some other friendly beginners to compare notes and prevent stupid mistakes when setting up. Don't think I've ever seen so much talc in one place... While I didn't rush T1, I reckon I was about 1:30 from leaving the pool to getting on the bike. Luckily I had left a spare water bottle with my stuff, so I was able to wash the grit off my feet before putting socks on - that wouldn't have been pleasant on the run! Dry feet, socks on, shoes on, number belt, glasses, helmet, grab bike and go. I didn't have the problem of feeling unsteady on the bike (having not had time for a test ride yesterday) but I did wonder whether I should have borrowed a pump to check the tyres (forgot that). Too late! One to remember next time.

The bike was fantastic - the best bit of the event for me, just a lovely route (in glorious weather) and chance to really go for it. I passed one person fairly early on, but then on the hill just after Flixton my chain came off, and while I was fixing it she and another cyclist passed me. After an initial panic that the gears had jammed again, I calmed down and put the chain back on :) It just looked like the derailleur had somehow pulled the chain that bit too far inwards - it didn't give me any further trouble, anyway. I soon passed one of the cyclists, and caught the other one a few miles away, and managed to reel in another on the main road not far from the end. Max speed was 27mph, with an average of 18.0, giving a time of about 41 mins for T1 plus bike.

Jelly legs through T2 and out on the run, but no cure for that! Took it a bit easy until the first downhill, envying all the incoming runners. The course seems to be almost constantly up or down hill - it's one thing saying it doesn't go all the way up St Margaret's Road, but it goes nearly that far! Every turn I was thinking I would see Hannah, who was marshalling the U-turn, but I was disappointed many times before she came into view, just after Trish (coming downhill) told me I was nearly at the top. The last hill back to the finish wasn't as bad as I had remembered from going down it, although the sun was blazing down from straight ahead which didn't help. Managed just under 18 mins for the run and T2, which I'm really pleased with given the terrain as that's under 9 min miles.

Total event time 1:07:30, which given that I was hoping for under 1:10 is amazing, and I must have lost a couple of minutes fiddling with the chain too. It's hard to shave much off on short events but I'd definitely like to think I could be approaching an hour next time - under 1:05 at least. Official results are here - 5th in my age category and 15th out of 36 ladies. Massive credit to everyone for all the help and support beforehand and on the day, especially Kerry, Clare, Kate, Trish, Marie, and of course Mark for all his patience with me being out training at evenings and weekends!

Everyone had a great race and was pleased with their time, and I think it was one of the friendliest and best organised events I've done. Everyone was really keen to help you out and explain the rules and procedures, which can be a bit overwhelming for first timers used to nice simple runs, and the support from marshals and other competitors was brilliant. I think the bug has well and truly bitten - I'm still grinning, I'll definitely do this one again, and am up for a crack at Norwich next year (1500m / 39km / 10km). Watch this space! (I'm still not tempted to join Trish on her Ironman though...)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Last steady run?

A nice little legstretch over lunch, some more 10-min miling over 3.5 miles through the woods and by the river. Lovely.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

In transition

Quick run with Kate before swimming - good steady 10-min miling.

Loads of useful advice from Kerry at swimming tonight - just hope I can remember it all! If I give myself plenty of time on the day, I think I will get there. The two main lessons seemed to be "fasten helmet before touching bike" and "leave bike in correct gear", with lots of extra tips about the way to leave clothing so as not to get in a knot.

Activity wise we were a bit limited but still managed 2 lots of 400m followed by a dummy transition and a run around the high school sports field (brrrrrr). I learned some valuable lessons:

- stepping straight out of the pool and getting into your trainers makes for very wet trainers (longer transition distance on the day should hopefully allow more water to run off)
- tri suits hold more water than swim suits (which runs down your legs and into your trainers...)
- not wearing socks will lead to blisters, if 200m around the field is anything to go by

My swims were both around the 9:30 mark too. The first, without warmup, felt messy and inefficient; so did the second, because I was tired and cold!

Annoyingly I got cramp twinges on both runs - that's the only thing I'm really worried about (well, that and punctures). They seemed to be better the second time when I didn't go off like a rocket and was a bit more warmed up. My consolation is I've not had them on a run after a bike ride.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Beginners into improvers

The beginners had their first run "after" the course today - lengthened last week's route a bit and took 40 mins. It's still great to see people surprise themselves with how they can improve!

Plan for the week

Tapering off a bit this week...

Mon - beginners (30-40 mins)
Tue - nothing
Wed - swimming / transitions training
Thu - efforts or steady run
Fri - nothing
Sat - gentle bike ride - I need to get the feel for the road bike again after a week on the trusty hybrid!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Another double bill

Ketteringham loop - 17mph average - 52:45 cycling time (one stop at pesky traffic lights) - 2:15 faster than last time
Around the block - 8:24/mi average - 29:05 running time - 0:40 slower than last time

A great session overall. On the bike I had a slight headwind on the way out, but managed to get up to 25mph in the sheltered parts of the road beyond East Carleton. With that wind behind me, heading for Ketteringham along the straight, I made it up to 26.3mph (and 27.2mph down the hill going back to East Carleton... just after that, going up the other side, I fudged the front derailleur adjustment and changed down rather than tweaking it out of the way of the chain - d'oh!). My legs were more leaden on the run this time, no doubt due to pushing harder on the bike, and I was getting very tired at about 2 miles, so I was surprised to be only 40 seconds off last time.

Only a week to go.....

Friday, August 31, 2007

Short sharp swim

Just time for a quick lunchtime session, repeating Wednesday's warmup and then doing 2 lots of 400m, with 4 lengths easy in the middle and another 6 to cool down. Timed myself properly this time: 9:23 and 9:35. Tired at the end of each one but not exhausted. Looks good for the tri, anyway.

I seem to have reached a point where more effort does not necessarily lead to a fast time! It's all technique from here on in. However, it's amazing to think that barely 2 months ago I struggled to do 2 lengths of freestyle in succession...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

More grass-track efforts

Over to the track, then 15 x 200m with 1min recovery, then back via the Broad (route). I've done this session before on 45 sec recoveries, and survived (thought it was only 12x until I checked back) - so maybe I could have gone faster on 1 minute. We were starting each as a group, and I was towards the front (of the back group, I hasten to add!), so I tended to get more than a minute rest as it was timed so as not to short-change the back-markers. Regardless, I had a good sprint finish on the last one :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

400m time

This was the first swim session where I've had a good crack at 400m - I managed 9:30 as far as I can tell (peering at a tiny clock through goggles), which I'm pretty pleased with. Still getting calf cramp twinges though :(

Warmup: 100m FC, 50 kick, 50 FC, 50 pull, 50 FC, 50 kick, 50 FC
Main: 2 x (400 FC, 20 secs, 4 x (50 fast, 20 secs), 150 easy, 20 secs)
Cool down: 200 easy

Total 2100m

Transition training next week - could be amusing!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Steady run

An hour's steady run with Hannah (just back off hols) and Ann (who I'd not met before). Just around Keswick and back - a good stretch for the legs but not too taxing.

Monday, August 27, 2007

I've been slack...

Not done anything else this weekend since the bike ride. All sorts of good intentions relating to a swim but they didn't amount to anything. 2 weeks to go and I think that now needs to be my focus.

Mon: beginners' run, plus to UEA and back
Tue: club run
Wed: swim session
Thu: club efforts
Fri: swim session (own)
Sat: working at FD?
Sun: bike ride, maybe swim too

Tonight was good - 36:50 total for the run to UEA and back although the one there stopped halfway along Cow Drive due to stitch (didn't really warm up properly). In the middle was 30 mins with the beginners - they've all done so well, I'm looking forward to seeing them continue and improve! I stuck at the back, but they still did nearly 2.5 miles, with some hills in there too.

Friday, August 24, 2007

...the big one!

A tour of the rolling countryside of high Norfolk with Trish - 104.6 miles. Aiming for 112 (to mimic her Ironman bike distance), we couldn't face finding an extra 8 miles (the Gmaps route shows 102.5 but that's because digitising every turn in the road would have driven me dotty!). Tired at the end (really?!) but I enjoyed it all, even the dull drizzly start and the hills. I owe it all to the bike (what I really owe it is a damn good clean!).

Shipdham - Dereham - Aylsham - Blickling - Holt - Thursford - Wells - Holkham - Burnham Market - Ringstead - Sedgeford - Docking - Fakenham (edge) - Whissonsett - East Bilney - Dereham - Shipdham.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nothing today...

...resting after the 5k and saving myself for...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sub-25 5k...

Well, 24:33 was what it said on my watch, no doubt the official time will be longer, about 24:41 I would guess (edit: 24:44, and 183rd out of 265 finishers). Splits were 4:57, 4:41, 5:14, 5:04, 4:37. Going by my watch time, that's 35 secs off my PB and a full minute off the previous race in the series. Wahey!

Next challenge - new 10k PB (51:49 currently)...

Monday, August 20, 2007

Bring back summer!

No swim - too busy at work. Beginners' run (20 + 2 + 20) around Eaton Park very good - but what a miserable day! Felt like October, drizzly and grey, and dark very early. Yuk!

Three weeks to go - this week's plan

Monday - swim at lunch, beginners' run
Tuesday - wherry crewing
Wednesday - Wroxham 5k series, race 3
Thursday - club effort session
Friday - swim or gym
Saturday - working - maybe squeeze in a bike ride?
Sunday - Round Norfolk Relay recce trip

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Two out of three ain't bad

A double bill this morning - 15 miles (Ketteringham loop) on the bike with Clare (7am start, please note...), and then a run of just under 3.5 miles "around the block". Great to have company again on the bike ride. Less great for my front derraileur to stick (on the larger ring) after about 3 miles, but I completed the ride in the upper range and then took the bike down to All-Lite where Geoff fixed it in a matter of seconds with an allen key (stuck cable, probably due to me shifting up instead of down - oops). Thanks! Average speed was over 16mph so I'm pleased with that. If I was to pick out one obvious thing to learn from Clare it's take more advantage of the downhills and stop being a scaredy cat!

I'm amazed to see the run distance as high as it is - completing it in 28:26 gives me an average speed of about 8:15 per mile. On tired legs... with the hills on Marston Lane, Ipswich Road and Church Lane... (OK, and corresponding downhills on Donkey Lane, Greenways and Marston Lane) I'm just gobsmacked! I'm desperately wondering if I could have accidentally stopped and started my watch, it really does seem quick.

Bodes well for the triathlon, though :) Three weeks tomorrow, and with a 12 mile bike and 2 mile run I'm not worried about doing the distance now. Just want to get out there and see what I can do. Bring it on :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Slippery fish

A solitary swim session to try and put into practice the things I've been reading in Total Immersion, aiming to swim more like a "slippery fish" and less like a non-slippery human. I did a few lengths of the basic drills, finding my balance in the water, but to be honest I felt a bit daft doing "zen-like swimming" in the deep-water lanes when other people clearly wanted to find a lane and get on with their lengths. Nonetheless it did feel significantly different getting more horizontal, and particularly getting my head well down. I only did a little bit of the on-your-side, nose-down drill, but certainly felt the "swimming downhill" sensation the book mentioned whenever I got my head properly aligned.

Having read the emphasis on "fistgloves" in the book too, I did several lengths with closed fists, concentrating on a slow but powerful kick too, and was surprised to be getting 28-29 strokes per length. So, curious, I went over to open-handed swimming, and was absolutely amazed to be able to bring my total down to 24 s/l. It needs concentration - when I get tired, or distracted, it's up to 25-26 - and I think those lengths where I was down to 23 (and in once case 22) were down to a longer glide at the start.

But, to remind myself for next time, what seemed to be working was keeping my head down, rolling it (in alignment with my body) only as far as necessary when breathing, getting a good reach before pulling back, and always being mindful of the kick. Also it was good to be able to concentrate on one type of length over and over, rather than doing a length each of several different things and then repeating the set.

I did an hour, no real idea how many lengths, but probably around 60 due to the slow (er, zen-like) stuff at the start, and a few waits to synch with the other swimmer in my lane.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Park life

Off to Cromer Carnival fireworks tonight (I am truly part of the jet set), so lunchtime efforts up on Eaton Park with Lorraine - we thought the playing fields were still occupied by travellers, but the park is much more interesting anyway. School holidays, so lots of families, some sort of kids' activity session... it's just nice to be in a well-used park. We did a bit of a mixed session, totalling about 20 mins effort, some distance based but most time-based. We could trademark it as a "mixed up pyramid with extra bits", since we did do 1-2-3-4-3-2-1 minutes, just not in that order, and with some additional spurts. Stupidly the first one we did was a bit flat out, but we survived.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Total immersion here I come?

Different coach at swimming tonight, so a slightly different session - fewer lengths but maybe a bit more on technique. A lot focused on getting the elbow high on the recovery, which I don't think I have too much of a problem with. Also we did a few lengths looking at stroke count. Everyone else seemed to be around 20-22, while I'm up at 27-28 or so. I've tried lengthening as much as I can but I still stick around 25-26. Any longer and I am just "pausing" my arms, and only moving with my legs.

Having received my Total Immersion book this week I think that will help, as it covers stroke length a lot. I was trying to apply some of what I remembered from reading it, but really I need to start from the basics with balance. Maybe I can try that on Friday. I might try photocopying the drill sections and getting them laminated (since I can't afford the laminated drill cards TI sell!).

Crampy twitching returned this week. But the runny nose wasn't so bad. Some you win...

16 x 25m warm up
3 x (25m fists, 25m trailing fingers on recovery, 25m "chicken wings", 25m 3/4 catchup, 30s rest)
6 x (25m fast, 25m slow, 25m building, 25m steady, 30s rest)
4 x 25m pull
4 x 25m counting strokes
4 x 25m cool down

= 64 lengths, 1600m

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Getting a bit autumnal?

Ran a loop via Keswick Hall tonight, stuck with Hugh who was back after 2 weeks away - I think I'm doomed to always need post-holiday returners, post-injury recoverers, or similar on a Tuesday! I could do the full distance (Swardeston loop) but not at the pace the others take it. Still, under the hour, so once again just about on 9 min miles average - I seem to be building a good base at that pace. Odd, slightly damp night tonight - like autumn is setting in already. We haven't had summer yet!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Does this count as cross training?

A long weekend of wherry crewing, plenty of winching and quanting to be done, and not much time (or, to be honest, energy!) for training. Plans are also a bit unclear for next weekend, but this week's abridged plan looks like this:

Tues: club run, at least an hour
Weds: swim training session
Thurs: lunchtime efforts (out in evening)
Fri: swim session
Sat: possibly not here, but bike ride if possible
Sun: possibly working, but run or bike if possible

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Great effort session

Back to Eaton Park again tonight, thankfully more of us than last time! Most people did 5 x 4 mins + 2 mins, apart from four of us slower runners who did 10 x 2 mins + 1 min. At a rough estimate I reckon I was doing 7.5 min miles (GMap shows the distance on one rep as 0.27 miles or so, which equates to about 7:25). It felt good - maybe I could have pushed harder? I was at the front (hard to believe I know!) so it was difficult to gauge. On one rep I found myself with some of the other group who were lapping us, and kept going at their pace, but it would have been a struggle to hold it for 4 mins. Something to aim for...

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A bit rusty

Never quite got in the flow at swimming tonight. It was a bit busier, and I was the slowest (of 4) in my lane - found the choppiness of the water difficult but then I am pampered at the Sportspark with the wave-reducing lane barriers! And I'm sure it's nothing compared to open water. But anyway, I seemed to be gasping and coughing and never quite hitting my stroke. I still swim more smoothly without using my legs! Definitely need to work on that kick... and stopping the cramp. Grr.

16 x 25m warm up (may have done 14 - lost count!)
5 x 8 x 25m (2 x f/c, 2 x pull, 2 x f/c, 2 x kick) + 30 secs after each 8
8 x 25m fast + 20 secs
2 x 50m fast + 20 secs
6 x 25m cool down

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Just a run

Figuring it was silly to try and get a good swim session and a good run in, I just did the run. Marriott's Way again, but "backwards", out to Costessey from Sloughbottom. Running with Julia, we seem to be about the same pace which is good. We cut off a chunk of the route as described to us, not knowing Costessey or the mythical "strawberry field" we were supposed to turn off at, and I added a loop around Earlham Park to make up the hour at a good solid 9-min mile pace.
One of those runs where the description sounds a lot longer than the actual run!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Pool trouble (again)

They were fiddling about with the deep water lanes this afternoon, so no swim for me (couldn't face battling kids and slow swimmers in the shallow bit). Might try and fit it in tomorrow instead.

Beginners' running was 3 x 12 + 3, with a longer walk at the end because we finished the last rep far from home and that was enough for the girls I was with. They're still doing brilliantly!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Plan for the week

A nice day's sailing, Hoveton-Horning-St Benet's-Ludham, very hot, but nothing too strenuous really. I'm sure there will be a few aches tomorrow to add to the motley collection of bumps, cuts, bruises and bites!

Plan for the upcoming week:

Monday: 1h swim at lunch (reasonably easy); run with beginners
Tuesday: club run, 1h-1h20
Wednesday: swim session (or maybe bike ride if pool not fixed :)
Thursday: club effort session
Friday: sailing
Saturday: half day sailing - maybe a shortish run
Sunday: bike ride, ~2h

Saturday, August 4, 2007


First long ride on the new bike.... I still love it! 45 miles, out to Old Buckenham, a cup of tea and some toast and marmalade at the cafe (no cake - booo), then round via Shropham and Great Ellingham, Morley and Wymondham to Little Melton, then home. No cramp - phew. Times:

Home - Old Buckenham, 17.7 miles, 1h08 = 15.6mph average (headwind all the way)
Old Buckenham - Little Melton, 23.4 miles, 1h22 = 17.1mph
Little Melton - home, 4.6 miles, 19 minutes = 14.5mph

Max speed 25mph, max on the flat about 22.5mph (but only after halfway when the wind was behind me!).

Friday, August 3, 2007

Wibble wobble

Wibbly Wobbly Log Jog - 5 miles on great forest trails, some killer hills but some excellent downhills to match. Shame it's one of the former just before the finish! Attempting to map the route is a futile exercise as the imagery on Google Maps is quite out of date, and the forest changes so much with logging and planting, but here is a vague effort.

Time on my watch was 44:51 - probably just about 45:00 officially. Will wait for the results! It was a good run, I was just out to enjoy it, which I did. I think this is possibly my favourite race!

(2005 time was 44:39, but that was a slightly different route... she says, grabbing at straws. Then I was 207th out of 293.)

Edit: 45:02 official time, 166th out of 292 - so either I got better or the overall field got worse!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Grass track efforts

Short sharp one tonight - 15 x 200m with 45 seconds recovery, plus warm up and cool down to/from the grass track. I was running the 200m in about 42 secs, so approx 6 min miles - felt tough but sustainable and I think I managed to stay consistent over the 15.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Change of plan

Something at the pool was broken tonight, so no swim session :( But it was a lovely evening, and I had a shiny new bike sitting looking sad and neglected in the garage, so out of pity I took her for a spin. And ended up joining everyone else at the pub quiz - how did that happen? I went a bit of a long way round to Wicklewood, to avoid the cruddy surfaces on the old A11 either side of Thickthorn, so it worked out at 11.75 miles which I did in 42 mins or so. On the open road I was keeping up 19-20mph which was excellent - although my calves felt a bit crampy and I wondered if I needed the seat slightly higher, or the bars a bit lower? Through Wymondham I was slow, which dragged my average down (tip - remember which streets are one-way in the opposite direction...). Since it was dark by the time we finished, and Mark had driven, I put the bike in the car to come home again - doing a full round trip on Saturday will be a novelty!

Don't think I'll get another swim in this week - efforts on Thurs, race on Fri, bike ride (Old Buckenham now planned) on Sat, and wherrying on Sun, so I'll leave the pool until Monday.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Steady run

Out to Keswick and back, on a really pleasant evening, running with Granville and taking it a bit easy most of the way, but adding in a couple of efforts and a faster finish round via Fiveways. 1h02 for 6.6 miles = 9:30 miles or so. Felt good to start off slow and then open up a bit at the end - a really enjoyable run.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Back in the swim of things

Feeling slightly less lazy after a good swim session. Just under an hour, and 84 lengths done. After the sets of arms-only, I did what felt like a flying set of 8 lengths full stroke with no recoveries - forgot to note the exact start time but I think it took about 5 minutes. That's also the longest set of consecutive lengths I think I have done! As long as I can remember the slow, strong, efficient kick, everything clicks into place. The 8 x "fast" lengths were pretty much spot on 30 secs each time.

4 lengths warm up (2 breaststroke, 2 freestyle)
5 x (2 full stroke, 6 arms only with pull buoy)
8 full stroke, steady, no recoveries
8 full stroke, fast, 20 secs recovery
4 x 2 full stroke, fastish, 20 secs recovery
6 x 2 steady, 10-15 secs recovery
4 lengths cool down, breaststroke

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Grrr and this week's plan

No bike ride buddies so I stayed home and did lots of weeding in the garden, planning to maybe go out later on my new bike, and never did :( Idiot! It was ideal weather too. What a lazy arse. Grrr - very annoyed with myself now. I shall channel my energies into a plan for the upcoming week:

Monday - repeat Weds swim session; beginners' running
Tuesday - club run
Wednesday - swim session
Thursday - efforts
Friday - Wibbly Wobbly Log Jog
Saturday - I WILL get a bike ride in!
Sunday - wherry crewing all day

Saturday, July 28, 2007

New toy

My new bike is here! All I can say is - I LOVE it! It's absolutely perfect. Must remember to take a photo :)

Having been given a complete tour (about an hour) of all its components and workings by Geoff at All-Lite, I rode it home... just a mile - not far enough! So, after lunch, I headed off to Mattishall as planned - 14 miles, country roads, lovely weather (apart from a near-continuous headwind, but you can't have everything). Had we not been staying for a bit of a do, I would have happily cycled home again.

Love it, love it, love it. Hope Kerry can make it out for another ride tomorrow :)

I feel bad for neglecting to mention that my faithful hybrid also took me to Little Melton and back this morning for a meeting. Every little helps...

(ps - I can still move my arms :)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Gym - trying the resistance work

Since my new bike is ready for pick-up tomorrow and I will probably be playing on it all weekend, I cut out the 20 mins cycling from my gym session, and added in the round of resistance work for swimming (which takes >20 mins but hey...). I also split my 2 x 10 mins on the stepper in two, to split the resistance work and give my arms a break.

5 mins warm up (bike) levels 3-7
10 mins rower (2323m) level 5
10 mins stepper, profile 2 level 7
Triceps - single overarm pull, 3 x 12 each side @ 5kg (couldn't manage 7.5!)
Lat pulldown - 3 x 12 @ 30kg
Upper back - 3 x 12 @ 17.5kg
10 mins stepper, profile 5 level 8
Chest press 3 x 12 @ 5kg
Shoulder press 3 x 12 @ 4kg (difficult!)

Let's see if I can still move my arms tomorrow, eh?

Eaton Park efforts

Over to Eaton Park tonight, 10 x 2 min efforts, with 1 min recoveries. Only 6 of us, and I was by far the slowest, but made it through the set, with everyone doubling back every so often (very odd feeling being "at the front", but less odd being overtaken!). Return to base was largely walking for some reason (but not unwelcome for that!).

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Swim session 3

Tonight seemed a bit more non-stop, but it was all good stuff. First time with the pull buoy, concentrating on arms - hm, I swear I am faster like that than when I kick! Made my hands ache though - must be tensing them too much. I gave up on the nose clip (maybe a different sort wouldn't fall off, but I would still feel "blocked up") and just put up with the sniffing - will try an antihistamine next time.

4 lengths warm up
5 x (2 x full stroke, 6 x arms only with pull buoy, 30 sec rest)
8 lengths easy
8 x fast with 20 sec rest after each
4 x 2 fast with 20 sec rest after each 2
6 x 2 easy (cool down)

Hey, I make that 80 lengths or 2000m! Wow.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Running ragg(we)ed

Took the option of (almost) the whole Tuesday night run out towards Ketteringham and Hethersett, running with Julia on her first long run for ages. Whereas the others took Cantley Lane to the monument and then Station Lane, we headed along the footpath by the railway to emerge at the A11 junction. It only cuts half a mile off but saves running on the narrow lane, which can be quite a rat run sometimes. The shorter distance is more than made up for by the amount of jinking around ragweed, thistles, nettles and rabbit holes... all good agility training :) Crossing the A11 on the flat was straightforward, surprisingly, leaving the worst bit of the run as Roundhouse Way (or across the fields, as it appears on Google's out of date imagery), where the roads are made, but the pavements are not. All hail King Car.

8 miles, 1h20.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Splash and sniff

Well, I completed a repeat of last Wednesday's swim session, in about 55 minutes - I'm pretty happy with that, considering I was lane-sharing. This meant the rests on some of the sets were longer or shorter, with me either dashing off or hanging back so as not to tangle with the other swimmer who later joined me in the lane (doing steady breaststroke, probably wondering what kind of idiot she'd got into a lane with - but not annoyed enough to find another lane...). And I did do all of the warmup and the sets this time, without any cramp.

Interestingly, the 16-length warmup (of which maybe 6 lengths were breaststroke) took 11:30 in total, which seems like a good base to improve from for the tri.

I tried the nose clip, but it felt like I was swimming with a heavy cold (I breathe out through my mouth and nose usually), and then it fell off after 5 lengths anyway, so I left it off after that. Maybe I put it on wrong? I couldn't work it out - didn't seem comfortable however I did it! But back at my desk I'm not sniffing as much as usual - maybe it's the first few minutes in the pool that are the most irritating?

Plan for the week

Monday: swim (repeat last Weds session); beginners' running
Tuesday: club run (1hr+)
Wednesday: swim session
Thursday: club efforts
Friday: gym inc. new resistance work
Saturday: cycle to happenings at Little Melton (5mi) and Mattishall (14.5mi)
Sunday: run or bike

Should get my new bike this week - hurrah!

Return to the gym

With shoes, this time. Incredibly quiet (well it was 7:30 on a Sunday, everyone else has better things to do no doubt)... but it allowed me to indulge my sad interest in Come Dine With Me while working away. I felt so sorry for the poor, bored fitness assistant that I asked for some resistance work to help my upper body for swimming, even though I didn't have time to do more than try them out. Full set next time though.

5 mins bike warmup
2 x 10 mins stepper (profiles 2 and 5, level 7 and 8)
10 mins rower (2278m)
10 mins bike (profile 3, level 7, 80-90rpm) (usually 20 mins)

3 x 12-15 reps of:
chest press @ 5kg (free weights)
shoulder press @ 4kg (free weights)
tricep pull (both arms) @ 10kg
or tricep pull (single) @ 7.5kg
lat pulldown @ 30kg
upper back @ 12.5kg

cooldown = jog home!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The old stomping ground

More or less the usual run from mum's, extended a bit to hit the hour mark (6.5 miles approx). Funny how I don't really know any off-road routes despite having lived there until coming to university, so I'm stuck with main roads and streets for the most part. Didn't see a single other runner, which was rather odd (maybe they're all on the off-road paths I don't know about...). Came back via part of the old school cross-country route - amazing how short it seemed!


Gym session failed due to lack of shoes. Heh. Poor excuse - but it allowed an early start on the road back to mum's for the weekend. Kit chucked in the bag so I can go on Sunday instead.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lunchtime efforts

Going out for Chinese tonight, so rather than the club effort session, I headed out with colleagues. A mile (ish) each of warm up and cool down, with 12 x 1min run, 1 min recovery in between. Took us out to Cantley Lane and back.

Second swim session

Slightly apprehensive tonight, going to my first "improvers" swim session with Tri Anglia at the High School pool - even more so when the first thing was a 400m warm up (er, that's my target!) I think I managed 350m by the time we were ready to start properly, so only 2 lengths off. However, the session turned out to be really enjoyable, challenging but do-able, and only marred by a few pre-cramp twinges (the worst just as I was getting into my flow - boo). They don't seem to be directly related to the effort I'm putting in at the time, so I'll have to look up some ideas about what might be causing them and how I could prevent them. I feel like I am getting into the stroke more, and improving my technique (hopefully leading to better stamina) if not my speed!

Session was:

400m warm up
pyramid (1-2-3-2-1 lengths with recovery between at 30sec per length swum)
10 50-sec lengths (50 secs between starting lengths - i.e. the quicker you are, the longer your rest!)
10 pairs of lengths comprising 1 easy + 1 sprint, 1 min recovery between

This all seems like good stuff I can do on my own on Monday lunchtimes. Excellent!

Nose streaming again afterwards so next time I'm trying out a nose clip courtesy of Marie.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Great run

Excellent run at tonight's club run session - I ended up running with my friend Lorraine, who is usually faster than me, and we managed to average 9 minute miles over a 6.5 mile route including part of Marriott's Way, and Grapes Hill (which we certainly didn't do at 9min/mile pace - so other bits must have been considerably faster). Felt I had earned my 2 pints in the pub later on at Jen's leaving gathering!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mini run

As well as my swim, I joined the latest crop of beginner runners at the club for their first session tonight, 10 x 1min run, 1min walk. Only 5 beginners this time, but all looking good so far - we made it to 13 repeats.

Route (about 2 miles)

Monday, July 16, 2007

First swim "on my own"

First time in the pool since my first swimming session/lesson last week. That one session brought up several things to work on:

- slower kicking (currently I kick way too fast and tire myself out)
- hands entering the water correctly (at an angle, thumbs first)
- hands pulling all the way back
- rotating the body with each arm stroke and especially when breathing

(However, I was good enough to move up from the basic session to the next level next week - hurrah!)

Having bought myself a kickboard and pull buoy, I took the board to the Sportspark pool this lunchtime to try and concentrate on a slower, more efficient kick from the hip. (I think the pull buoy can wait until I've learned some drills for that!) It's surprising how slowly I go without the arms - and surprising what little benefit (in terms of speed) I get from kicking too fast. I just need to practice enough so that the slower kick becomes natural - I notice that as soon as I concentrate on other things, it speeds up again! As well as some lengths with the board, just kicking, I did several lengths of the whole stroke, and it's already feeling easier and more manageable. The triathlon needs 16 lengths, and I can manage 3 or 4 consecutively at the moment, but I'm hopeful I can improve that quite quickly.

One annoying side effect is that every swim leaves me with a runny nose for the rest of the day. Very annoying. I don't know whether a nose clip will help?

Starting out...

With exactly 8 weeks to go until the tri it's time to get down to some more serious training. Some friends have done the Beaver Triathlon today, which is mostly inspirational but also ever so slightly scary - will that be me in a few years' time? Will I get that hooked? But let's not run (bike or swim) before I can walk, though...

Having neglected to go out for a bike ride today (lack of buddies is no excuse really...), here is my planned schedule for the next week:

Monday: swim
Tuesday: run (club session)
Wednesday: swim (club session)
Thursday: run (efforts, non-club)
Friday: gym, inc. resistance
Saturday: longish run (away for weekend - no bike)
Sunday: rest

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday run

Out to Whitlingham, around the lake, and back - 9.7 miles. Bonus points for amusing some golfers (crossing Marston Lane between the two parts of the course at Eaton) when we were doing Marie's warm up drills.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Country bike ride

From Trish and Rob's, taking in Swaffham, Oxburgh and Watton, about 38 miles.