Monday, July 11, 2011

Quick roundup


Back to normal on the knee front, so a fairly normal week/weekend (sort of):

Thursday eve: crikey. Sprint efforts on the cinder track with Richard in charge. 200m pairs relays, mixed-distance pyramid relays, 50m shuttle runs, all kinds of short sharp delights. The final 400m was about the hardest thing I have ever done. A very slow run back to base (all together, which was nice) with some severe cases of jelly legs. Wowsers. Come back Nigel!!

Friday: feeling the after-effects a bit, but managed a 3.5 mile lunchtime run with Natalia and Alice. Not fast, but not bad at all. My arms ached more than anything, evidence of my amazing sprint technique (and you can take "amazing" in any way you like...)

Saturday: parkrun not happening, uh-uh, no way. I thought the Friday run would loosen me up and leave me ready to at least amble round on Saturday, but no. Two sleeps is the killer for that old friend DOMS...  so, a quiet morning and the off to Essex (above) with the girls for a nice weekend :)

Sunday: "the usual", quick evening bike ride with Clare - biggest achievement, not getting wet! Had a little daft panic moment starting off on a barely-there hill, but no harm done apart from feeling an idiot. It was a good pace.

Photo: Wally, by me! From Mellisa's hen weekend.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back in the swing of things!

zero gravity

My knee seems fine. Wheeee!

Weekend: no actual exercise (oops) but I did cycle to parkrun (volunteering) and the shops, stand for hours on Sunday volunteering at the tri, and go for a little swim in the river.

Monday: 3.7 mile run with the club - all fine. No problems with my (mostly healed) blisters either.

Tuesday: aerobics, being careful of twisting and changing direction, but again no ill effects during or afterwards. We had a good old cardio set in the middle, which rocked, but I am looking forward to a new routine! Might miss next week due to a school group session in the lab though :(

Wednesday: 30 min steady but strong swim (short because I was fitting it in between classes). My right ankle (I twisted it a while back slipping on wet grass, but seem not to have blogged that...) started to ache, but my knee didn't! The whole swim felt good and today I'm feeling it in my shoulders, which is a pretty good sign of having worked well.

Thursday (tonight) will be efforts, Friday a gentle and probably short lunchtime run (meeting at 1.30pm), Saturday parkrun, and if I can make it (and if clean kit allows), a little run on Sunday morning too (hen weekend away).

Photo: zero gravity by [auro], on Flickr (CC-BY-ND 2.0)

Friday, July 1, 2011

After all that...

Othello Tunnels - Stretching into the Light

...I seem to be on the mend! A day strapped up yesterday, a good night's sleep with my knee on a pillow, and today is almost, well, normal. I'm being careful, and haven't had time to run anyway, but it's looking OK. I cycled in to work and that was fine. Clearly my knee is an attention seeker.

Volunteering at parkrun and then the Norwich tri this weekend, so no epic workouts for me, but I might try a little jog up the lane and back, maybe a bike ride on Sunday evening, and some strength work at home (no squats or lunges, though!).

Photo: Othello Tunnels - Stretching into the Light by That Guy Who's Going Places, on Flickr