Thursday, June 25, 2009

The plan...

I know some people are actually reading this blog (amazing), and I need to mentally rehearse things anyway, so for non-tri people here's an insight into my plan for the weekend. Guaranteed to cure insomnia!

Staying here - The White Cottage B&B - about 9 miles from the race location. We'll get there mid-afternoon on Saturday and then go over to Emberton Country Park for early registration and to suss out the route there. Sunday morning at 5am is not the time to be looking at the map for the first time! Then it's time to seek out something good for dinner - steak or pasta I think - maybe here? And after that an early night!

What about kit? Working through it logically:

Directions, entry confirmation, British Triathlon card.
At registration collect race number, timing chip, swim hat.

Plastic crate to hold everything!

Tri-suit, sports bra, wetsuit, swim hat and goggles.
Timing chip.
Old trainers or flip flops to walk to the swim start.
Watch, hair bobbles.
Inhalers, sun cream, Bodyglide to prevent wetsuit chafing on my neck, liquid soap to rub on to stop my goggles fogging, and tissues to dry it off.

Transition 1/bike:
Two towels, one to stand on and one to use. Talcum powder to go on towel and in socks (and everywhere else, usually...).
Socks, bike shoes, bike top, all prepared for easy putting on when wet.
Number belt, stocked up with energy gels, and numbers attached.
Buff headband, helmet, sunglasses.
Bottle of water, to drink and/or wash off feet before putting socks on.
Bin bag to cover shoes/clothes in transition if it looks like rain.

Bike! Track pump to ensure tyres are at 100psi when I set it up.
Saddlebag stocked with spare tube, puncture patches, multi-tool and tyre levers.
Bar bag stocked with CO2 inflator, spare cartridge, and energy bars (kind of like this - cheers mum :) pre-cut into chunks to grab easily.
Drinks bottles - one water, one fruit juice and water.

Transition 2/run:
More gels.

Towel and shower stuff.
Food and drink for after the race: peanut butter bagel, banana, chocolate milkshake.

Oh yeah, and some supporters :)

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