Friday, June 19, 2009

Personal photo shoot

Still resting my shoulder, I decided to skip efforts last night (sorry Lizzie!) and then spent all day Friday on Hathor at Womack Water, seeing 160 visitors (including about 100 primary school children and assorted parents and helpers) before doing a Wonderwoman-style quick change to become Triathlon Girl. Not for some more training, but because Kate from the tri club, who's an Evening News journalist, had organised a photographer to take some shots for a story she's going to write on my fundraising efforts. Excellent!

So, feeling only mildly foolish, I posed with my trusty bike in some odd places - coming up the stairs out of the hatchway, and on the roof of the boat - as well as some action shots on the road by the staithe. Hopefully I'll get a PDF of the article when it appears, for the club scrapbook, and I'll link to it here. Let me admit now, before any smart-arse notices from the photos, that yes I was "riding" in my trainers (SPD cleats on Hathor's lino? I don't think so!), and somehow my saddle had dropped a bit so I probably look a bit squashed. I think I also have at least one big smear of grease on my leg but you're not a real triathlete without at least one chain tattoo, right?

With one week to go, I also want to say a HUGE thanks to everyone who has sponsored me so far - I know some of you are reading this. Between my online total at Everyclick and pledges I have on paper, I'm over £400 and heading for the magic £500 target. It's a huge incentive for me to keep going and give it everything, both training and on the day. So from me, and on behalf of the wherries and everyone involved with them: thank you!

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