Sunday, June 7, 2009

Blazing new trails

I wanted to do 13 miles today but was a bit fed up of the same old routes. OK, so there are only so many ways you can start a run, but I thought I would check out some new paths further out in the sticks. I started by going out to Ketteringham via the road - after last week I didn't trust that footpaths across arable fields would be clear, especially the steps down the wooded bank near Ketteringham depot, which needed a machete last time I went that way. From there it was over to Hethersett, and then the new bit (exciting) involving some field-edge paths over towards Little Melton. They were all very well used, clear and easy running, so I would do them again. From LM it was back over to the Hethersett road and home. Total 13.3 miles / 21.4km.

I took just 2 gels (having had breakfast not long before), which I took at about 1:00 and 1:30, and that worked fine. I took water but didn't drink much of it, it wasn't hot and in fact rained for about half the run. I was a bit worried about crashing towards the end of the run, but I just didn't, it was fine, and if anything the last 45 minutes was all good solid running, whereas the first 30 or so were very slow and leaden with a couple of pauses to stretch. An overall average of 9:55/mile was beyond expectations but just about the pace that I would hope for in the tri.

Being without my trusty running buddy Lizzie (away for the night at Byford's, lucky thing), I took along my new MP3 player - just quietly in one ear, so as to hear traffic, but tuned into the radio it just gave me enough company to keep me going. The earpiece needed a bit of help from my headband to stay in, and when it started to rain I realised it wasn't the greatest idea having it out with no cover, but on the whole it worked to get me through what could have been a mentally very long run on my own.

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