Saturday, June 20, 2009

Last open water swim

Since my previous swim was Tuesday's aborted one, I was a bit wary about swimming this morning. I didn't want to pair up with someone and then have to give up halfway, so I just nabbed a lift down with Kerry to catch up with people and gather a bit of sponsorship (thanks folks!). Then I used the novice swim to see how things went, with no pressure for speed. Good plan I think - it went really well. I had a lovely, relaxed swim, and no real problems with my shoulder. I can feel it's not 100% right, but it's not stopping me from actually swimming, and if anything it's a good incentive to maximise each stroke and therefore take fewer.

I was able to stretch out because "my" novice group of Sam, Nicky, Sue and Lynn all had an excellent swim and completed something in the region of 1000m - one lap out to the buoy at ~300m, and a couple more around a nearer buoy that's about 100m away. It was brilliant to see them deciding "we're just going to do another one" when just a couple of weeks ago they were very nervous of doing anything other than going from the deck to the beach. What progress! I know they are all going to do brilliantly at Norwich, and look forward to giving them a cheer as they pass my marshal point on the bike route :)

So, that was a reassuring session for me and I'm feeling more confident and geared up for next week. Still wary of the shoulder, but there is no stopping me now.

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