Sunday, June 21, 2009

Easy bike

Still trying to get my saddle back to the right place after it mysteriously dropped on Friday - kicking myself for not having marked it somehow before! So, off I went around the Intwood/East Carleton loop, for an easy spin and a few adjustments en route. I think I've got it now, and I can also say the right place is 10 rows of carbon fibre weave below the bottom of the logo on the seatpost! In some ways it could take a little more height, but I also remember that when the seat height compared to the pedals felt spot on, I felt unstable and nervous when starting and stopping, so I think I've got the best compromise. I did the 24km in just under the hour, 25km/h average, nice and easy. So that's probably it on the bike now. Hopefully a short run later, then a couple more in the week, and lots of drinking water and eating pasta :)

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