Sunday, June 14, 2009

Big ol' brick

56km on the bike, out to Hickling (to find the wherry, and Mark), and then as immediately as possible a 12.2km run. That was pretty tough, but it was hot, and my legs were suffering after I dropped the saddle (I thought) a weeny bit to get some confidence back.

The bike was out via Wroxham, Worstead and Bacton, which was not bad at all - a few climbs, but also at least one cool descent. By switching to a couple of bigger roads to Worstead, it would make a good route for another time. From Hickling the run picked up part of the Weaver's Way and a slightly unofficial (*cough*) path along a farm track that I thought was the right way, honest guv. I should have gone on through the woods for a bit further before picking up a different track. Still, not a "git orf moi larnd" to be heard, so no harm done. It was slow, very very slow, but I left the watch running the whole time apart from one loo stop (interesting, in a tri suit) and one bit where I was trying to work out the way. Made the mistake of learning the bike course really well at the expense of the run, but it all worked out in the end apart from the non-footpath. So in truth it was probably a bit quicker than I have by the watch, but I'd rather underestimate my speed than over.

Consumed: half each of an apricot and pineapple bar, water and water/apple juice; 2 gels and more water.

Felt much better in the last half hour than the first. More gels needed?

Also, following a bike service (new chain, couple of new cables), the seatpost creak has gone. Yippee! Apparently it's down to water getting into the downtube via the slit at the back where you tighten it around the seatpost. Advice from Geoff at the shop: bathroom sealant! Hmm.

Bike 56km, 2:07, 26.8km/h including a max of 50.5 :D
Run 12.2km, 1:27, 11:20/mile (!)

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