Friday, March 2, 2012

Base building


One week left of base-building and then the plan starts. After crisis week the other week, annoyingly things have got more pressured work-wise and lunchtime sport has slipped. I have, however, returned to running club sessions even if Thursday was 'effortless efforts' with fellow returnees from injury, Hannah and Hugh. After next week my schedule at work should get better, but I will be putting my training plan into my diary as more or less immovable fixtures just to make sure.

So where's my base? I'm running reasonably comfortably at about 9:30 per mile for up to 45-50 minutes, and can happily throw in a fartlek session including (if my Garmin is to be believed) under 7 min miling for very short bursts. I'm swimming comfortably, not doing any more than 40 minutes at a time but again playing about with speed and effort. I haven't been out on my road bike yet this year (oops) but am looking to rectify that very soon! And despite the chaos I'm back to 3 exercise sessions per week as a minimum, and even better my ankle is healing up nicely - pretty much healed, I would say.

Nearly time to start building upwards... bring it on :)

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