Monday, March 26, 2012

Tracking week 3

First Place Step By Step 
Another daily-update progress post as it worked well last week and saves me finding a photo every day :)

Swim 1400m inc. 4 x 100m fast as main set, plus drills, kick, warm up and cool down
Monday lunchtime. Cramming the session in between meetings meant I had just 30 mins pool time so I cut the drills and kick. Total session was 1200m inc. 4 x 100m (8:40 including 30s total rest). Would have preferred to be under 8:00 for the swimming time but hopefully that will improve.
Run 45min steady
Monday night. 10:13/mile but I was slow at the start and got quicker as I warmed up. Really a recovery run I think.
Bike 50min inc 6x30s efforts
Tuesday lunchtime. Same course as last Tuesday but 4 mins quicker thanks to doing it on the road bike not the commuter bike. Started the efforts in the same place and finished 1-200m sooner, although fudged them a bit in the middle to avoid meeting a right turn mid effort. Can't decide whether I should be more pleased that I was 4 mins quicker today or only 4 mins slower on the heavy bike :)
Swim 1400m inc. 4 x 100m mixed as main set, plus drills, kick, warm up and cool down
Wednesday lunchtime. Got the whole lot in this time, drills, kicks and all! Spurred on by being slightly narked at a lady who was significantly slower than me but got in my lane (so far, so good - I don't have a problem sharing) but then refused to give way even once, despite me being on her toes at the end of a length several times. Grrr.
Run 35min inc. 8x30s efforts
Wednesday morning. I did the 35 mins but failed on the efforts. I fitted this in as a run to work, i.e. before breakfast, and there was quite literally nothing in the tank for even dinky sprints. I'll know better next time. However, the average speed was quicker than Monday night!
Run 40 steady
Friday afternoon - took it easy and made it 50 mins instead. Garmin was out of battery but it was around 4.9 miles in 51 minutes. A lovely easy run, all the better for 45 minutes catching up with Lizzie on the way out.
Bike, 2h - 2h30 steady
Sunday morning, 2:25 / 38 miles (15.9mph) down to Sibton for a pub lunch. And a lift home :) Cycling solo actually felt quite tough, and once into Suffolk there were a few more ups and downs to contend with, but the miles trundled past quickly enough. I stopped at 20 miles to consume a hot cross bun, and again at the top of a hill around 30 miles to take on my emergency gel. But a nice stretch of Roman road with a downhill slant finished things off nicely!

To do:
Gym, core strength work killed this one - bah.
Swim 1700m inc. 1200m moderate guess who forgot the pool closes for 50m/25m changeover from 9am-9.40 on Fridays? d'oh.

Photo: First Place Step By Step by Evalia England, on Flickr

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