Sunday, February 5, 2012

Un-lost property

215/365 - Tan Lines 

I found it! My Garmin wasn't lost, it had fallen off my desk on to a little ledge where I couldn't see it. I'm so glad to know I am not stupid enough to leave it in the shower room...

UEA sledgers 2

In other news, my manic weekend did allow me time for a walk (!) to work with my camera in hand, capturing the snow we got dumped overnight. My determination not to derail is so far still intact, although I am feeling the pressure. Five days to go. With a repeated thaw-freeze cycle forecast for the week, I think there might be heavy use made of my Sportspark card this week for swimming and gymming - since I'm not keen on the idea of respraining my ankle. 

Photos: 215/365 - Tan Lines by aithom2, on Flickr; UEA sledgers 2 by ermintrude75 (me!), on Flickr

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