Saturday, February 4, 2012

Staying on track

Staying on track..

Potential distraction ahoy - a bit of an issue with a work deadline coming up. No point in dwelling on the whats or the whys, just a staement: I'm not going to let this derail me so early on. A week or so and it will all be over (it's a bit of a concentrated crisis, this one), but a lot of damage could be done in a week, mentally if nothing else. If I stick with the plan and keep running, biking and gymming this week as planned, I'll get some important mental space and energy to get me through the deadline. And as an aside, I'm not going to get through it by eating crap either.

The last week's been pretty good and I look forward to building on it. Another mile swum (broken into 4 fast, 4 slow x 8), a good gym session, and two runs - the last one at 9:29/mile for 3.6 miles and feeling pretty good. On the downside, I managed to lose my Garmin :( - think I left it in the shower room at work, so here's hoping Lost Property can help...

Staying on track.. by etgeek (Eric), on Flickr

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