Monday, November 4, 2013

Weeks 1 & 2 roundup

Steps on Otley Chevin
Steps on Otley Chevin by Tim Green aka atoach, on Flickr. Creative Commons by-nc-nd 2.0

 So, here I am, first two weeks done. How's it going?

Week 1: Three runs: tick. Progression: tick. Feeling good: tick.
Monday, 8 x (2 min run + 1 min walk). Wednesday, 9 x (2+1). Sunday, 10 x (2+1).

Week 2 (and a tiny bit): Three runs: bzzzt. Progression: tick. Feeling good: tentative tick.

Wednesday, 7 x (3+1). Monday, 9 x (3+1).

With storms outside and a million things to do inside, then a tweaked lower back, week 2 kind of unravelled a bit on me. But I'm not too far behind. Total running time is up to 27 minutes, and I'll aim to get that up to 30 next time (Wednesday), then start consolidating the runs and losing the walks.
I'm discovering all sorts of cut throughs and alleyways on the estate - not that I use them on night runs, but if I get a weekend daytime excursion it's quite fun to take a magical mystery tour and pop off down paths when I see them. Anything to keep me interested and stop me looking at my watch!

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