Monday, October 21, 2013

Do, or do not, there is no tri

The Road Ahead 
The Road Ahead, by Michael Krigsman (mkrigsman) on Flickr. Creative Commons by-nc-nd 2.0 

No tri on the horizon for me, at least not the near horizon. So, according to the little green guy, it's "do, or do not" - and I chose "do".

Starting from near-scratch with a nearly 9-month old baby, you do the maths and work out if I'd "really earned a rest" after my last entry! Perhaps not quite as much of a rest as I gave myself, though.

Anyway, here I am. Time to turn this around (think oil tanker rather than handbrake turns), and I've got to start somewhere. That somewhere is: 8 x run 2 mins, walk 1. I got out and did it tonight after Small's bedtime, and it felt good both to move and to get some "me time". I didn't deliberately wait until it was dark in the early evening to start running again, but I can't say I mind ;) Next is to repeat that twice this week (aiming for Weds/Thurs and Sat, maybe adding an extra rep), and then step up next week. I might check out Couch to 5k and see where I fit in, not week 1 at least!

My short term aim is a sub-30 parkrun by Christmas. Longer term, it would be good to get back to running with my club one day a week, and longer longer term I would like to get back to triathlon - whether the training demands stack up with other commitments, we'll see, but a girl (mum) can dream...

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